From a young age I knew I was different. Well, for a start I was born a Gemini - they are unique creatures in themselves. I is amazed at how each and every one of our journeys can be so diverse, so different and so detailed.


After all — your journey is what makes you - YOU. We shouldn’t let anyone tell us any different.


I spent years believing that no one would want to hear my story, listening to other people's opinions and fears about my life, taking them on as my own and rarely facing up to what scared me most - at 31 I wished I'd shouted a little louder, opened my eyes a little wider and stood in my own light a little sooner.


However, It is not about how much negativity, how much struggle, how much pain I had encountered in my life…It mattered that I recognised the resilience I had built, from the situations I had gone through. Good or Bad. Positive or Negative. And understand that without those moments I would not be where I am today, with who I am with today, doing what I love TODAY.


I see that my focus was just in another place for far to long. It was outwards - the natural performer.

The truth is - in order to for any of us to grow, we must focus on the inside first. Dig out the roots that are so deeply set. Breathe through the hurt and begin to understand that it is just energy needing to shift, to move, to pass. Whether it is mindful movement or mindful wellness — It is not the easy path, but if you are wanting to make a change in your life, love and business, it is worth every minute.


My passion and promise is to share my experience and knowledge with you, so you too,

can make your world a happy, healthier haven.

Jess Ellmer
Jess Ellmer
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